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How LineNotes will change
the way you do theatre.

Welcome to LineNotes! This short tour will show you the main screens and highlight just a few of the functions LineNotes. After you're finished here, you only need to download the software and purchase a license, and you are ready to start using LineNotes on your next production.

Main Production Window

Main Production Window

The Main Production Window is your LineNotes command center. From here you are only a couple of clicks from nearly all of the functions of LineNotes including: creating notes, working with the script, distributing notes, managing your productions, and managing your Address Book.

Create Note Window

Create Note Window

The Create Note Window allows you to take exactly the note the situation requires, direct it to the correct person or group, and get your eyes back where they need to be- on your rehearsal.

Script Interaction Window

Interact with electronic scripts

LineNotes uses Microsoft® Word® to interact directly with your production script, creating line notes and other script-referencing notes with a few clicks of the mouse. No more shuffling through papers and sticky notes, pens and highlighters; no more recopying lines from the script or complaints about your handwriting.

Distribute Notes Window

Distribute Notes Window

The Distribute Notes Window allows you to distribute your rehearsal notes to all or part of your staff, by print or email or both. LineNotes will track what notes have been distributed by what means, so you can be sure every note reaches its recipient.

Let LineNotes handle the paperwork...

...so you can do what you do best—make great theatre. Isn't it time to stop doing it the hard way? If you'd like to further explore LineNotes before purchasing, download the limited demo version below.


If you are ready to experience the full power of LineNotes on your next production, pop it in your shopping cart.


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System Requirements: LineNotes requires Windows 98 or later and Microsoft Word 2000 or later. LineNotes uses Microsoft Word for script display and note distribution.

Thanks for your interest in LineNotes!

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