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About Thank You 5

What We Do

Thank You 5 exists to develop software solutions that simplify tedious tasks and maximize creative opportunity in the theatre.

About Our Name

“...Here we go folks. ‘Five minutes to places!’”  —Thank You 5

A stage manager winds her way through actors powdering, technicians double and triple checking, musicians tuning, crew members positioning. Over the intercom, the audience murmurs with anticipation. It is time for everyone to put it on the line. For many of these people, this is the reason they do theatre. For us at Thank You 5, these people are the reason we do software.

Future Products

At Thank You 5, we are constantly imagining new software solutions to minimize the paper pushing surrounding theatre productions, so theatre people do what they do best—make great theatre. Check in with this page for the next software solutions from Thank You 5.

Got Ideas?

If you have suggestions for ways we can make your theatre work easier, we would love to hear it. Just send us a note.

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