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Thank You 5 introduces LineNotes —new stage management software that helps you create, organize, and distribute all your rehearsal notes. Send notes to your cast and staff, by print or email, with just a few clicks of the mouse. LineNotes can even interface directly with an electronic script in Microsoft® Word®, so following a script and taking script-related notes during rehearsal is fast, accurate, and legible.

Get rid of the hassle.

Enough with tiny note slips getting lost in the bottoms of bags. Enough with shuffling through pages and stacks of notes and note pads. Enough with squinting at your own handwriting. Enough with scrawling until your hand aches only to see the same mistakes repeated. Enough with tracking down 25 staff people to hand them each a simple rehearsal note. LineNotes was designed to make these hassles a thing of the past.

Let LineNotes handle the paperwork...

...so you can do what you do best—make great theatre. Isn't it time to stop doing it the hard way?

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System Requirements: LineNotes requires Windows 98 or later and Microsoft Word 2000 or later. LineNotes uses Microsoft Word for script display and note distribution.

Interested in a Mac version? While we don't yet have a timeline for releasing a Mac version, we have begun work on one, and hope someday to release it. If you're interested in a Mac version of LineNotes, please let us know by clicking here, and we'll keep you informed of the status of LineNotes for Macintosh.

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